Travel theme: Merchandise

Ailsa‘s post this week brought back memories of visiting markets when I am travelling. I am not a big visitor; most merchandise being usually of no interest to me. I have taken the odd photograph at these places.

IMG_3277And alsoIMG_3410small and I ve never seen so many curries lined up like this


5 thoughts on “Travel theme: Merchandise

    • Thanks Judy for your comment. That photo was taken at ‘locals’ market in Chiang Mai. People buy the food in plastic bags and reheat it at home. It was 30 Thai Baht ($1) small bag or 60 for a bag 3 times the size. I didn’t realize at the time, but later I noticed the locals were uncomfortable with me taking photographs. There was a language barrier, but I will ask in future.
      Your little caravan (trailer) looks wonderful!


      • My sister was in Chaing Mai with Operation Smile several years ago. She mentioned the fantastic food markets there, but said she was not inclined to partake of any food there, as most of it seemed to be covered with flies. Me? I’d probably brush them away, and try a few bites.

        We love our little trailer (caravan). Let’s us travel inexpensively and see wonderful places we would otherwise not be able to visit.


    • Yes, it’s yours so it’s a trailer! What do call the things you tow behind you that you fill with rubbish, furniture, animals etc? And I was surprised by the lack of flies in Chiang Mai. Then again, I am an Aussie. Cheers, Michael


      • Trailer is kind of a catchall word for something towed behind a car. I love the word caravan for our trailer. We use the word caravan here more to denote a whole line of things – 20 cars in a row all pulling trailers would be a caravan. 😉

        Haven’t made it to Australia yet, but did get to New Zealand. Lovely country and great people.

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