Travel theme: Strong

It is Saturday morning and my weekly venture into word-picture association begins. The following photographs are typical interpretations of the word strong (Ailsa’s theme) but nice to add them all the same. The Glasshouse Mountains in SE Queensland comes to mind.storng 2And these little fellaskoalaYoung people, mostly men, in training for having their arms ripped off.strong 4

And these babies are strong!                                                                        !corinella 301209 wpb 280809

2 thoughts on “Travel theme: Strong

  1. Those guys on the bay always amaze me. Most people can barely stand up when it’s windy down at the beach, yet out they go, ready tto get their bloody arms ripped off. Nice koala shot too Mick.


  2. Except on hot windy days, when I may have wanted to swim (When from now on my mind will be probably be elsewhere) I like these guys using the beach when I wouldn’t bother. The days I like it they’re at another windy location. Koala spotting down at Wye is fun. Thanks Francesca.


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