Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Guess the Challenge

Ed from Sunday Stills challenge was indeed a challenge this week. Green, Green Bay, Hats, Packers, Football. After a bit of google searching I found out that Green Bay in Wisconsin is/was a meatpacking town. Maybe that’s why the football team is called the Green Bay Packers; who knows. So meat is the theme for me today. And a bit of footy.chiang mai butchersSorry to all you vegetarians. Chiang Mai Butcher. Not a fly in sight.footy prelim finalWhat we watch on a Winter Friday night before playing some songs.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Guess the Challenge

  1. I like your powers of deduction. I think your onto Ed’s thinking. I do wander through Asian butchers too, despite my pregerence not to eat it. All fascinating and part of the journey.


    • Thanks Francesca, it was nice look into the history of Green Bay which was first visited by a European in 1634 and originally called La Baie des Puants (French for “the stinking Bay”). My guess they are glad they changed that. The native Americans were fascinating too. From Wikipedia “The tribe had clearly distinguished gender roles. The men typically hunted and fished for food, and the women processed game and other foods in cooking. They also prepared the furs and made clothing from them, in addition to using other parts of animals for tools, cord, etc. Women also had a role in the political process, as no action could be taken without agreement of half of the women” Very advanced. I enjoyed this distraction from lost wallets, cars playing up and very cold spring mornings.

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