One Word Photo Challenge: Mint


The Australian Alps are not very ‘Alpy’ from an international perspective. Above is a photograph of a walk between two iconic ‘mountains’ in Victoria, Mt Hotham and Mt Feathertop; Both of them under 2000 m (7000 ‘). The Victorian Alps are beautiful fragile places and certainly worth a visit in Summer. They do get snow cover in Winter, however, an Australian downhill skier is one who lives with considerable frustration. For me, the Alps are where you go in Summer. Added for Jennifer’s Mint

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Guess the Challenge

Ed from Sunday Stills challenge was indeed a challenge this week. Green, Green Bay, Hats, Packers, Football. After a bit of google searching I found out that Green Bay in Wisconsin is/was a meatpacking town. Maybe that’s why the football team is called the Green Bay Packers; who knows. So meat is the theme for me today. And a bit of footy.chiang mai butchersSorry to all you vegetarians. Chiang Mai Butcher. Not a fly in sight.footy prelim finalWhat we watch on a Winter Friday night before playing some songs.

Travel theme: Interior

Ailsa’s travel theme: interiorshot factoryWhat is ‘old’ in Melbourne is relatively young in most other cities in the world. Up until maybe 50 years ago, the opinion that our buildings were not all that old so we might as just rip them down and build something new, was widespread. This ignored the fact that things don’t get really old unless you allow them to. Coop’s shot tower above was built in 1888 and lead shot production ceased in 1961. It was encased in a steel and glass dome in 1991 and then became part of an interior.Wat Pho reclining buddhaThe reclining Buddha at Wat pho, Bangkok is an interior that I enjoyed visiting

One Word Photo Challenge: Navy

In January I visited Tasmania for the second time and Bruny Island for the first. I love Tasmania and wish I could visit more often. The following photograph is not extraordinary but it highlights the very dark navy blue seas I saw seaThis photograph was taken near the narrow isthmus of land between North and South Bruny Island looking towards Adventure Bay.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: On the Water

I love being on the water, more so as I have grown older. I am an appalling swimmer so it does scare me a little. I think I’ve picked something from my father and my paternal grandfather. Check here for more info. Like everyone, I have a few to choose from. I seem to have broken the horizon rule in all of these. Tough.

Firstly, Hastings (Victoria) Marinaonthewater3Secondly; The Yarra River Port in Melbourne before sunrise on a chilly July morning.onthewater2And a serene sunset on the Mornington Peninsula.onthewater1And lastly a photograph not taken by me, but by my lovely niece, of me on my Kayakme on kayak