Travel theme: From above

Travel theme above concerned me then I read Ailsa’s post – from above. Where do I start? I’ll submit some old and new favourites.foot massageAbove the foot massages in Chiang MaiBangkok central 1Above the crazy busy traffic in BangkokHalls gap from pinnacleAbove Hall’s Gap in the Grampians, Victoria, from the PinnaclehobartsmallAbove Hobart from Mt Wellington

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Light my Fire

light my fire  - whoopsSome Novembers are suitable for burning large piles of dead trees. This year it has been particularly dry and warm. In the foreground of this photograph, a pile of my own dead trees, courtesy a la grass fire in February, can just be made out. The pile on fire is my neighbour’s. It was cold, south wind day; Why not burn? Well within 3 days of this fire being lit the temperature was back in the 30s (°C) and the local fire service (CFA) had to turn up to extinguish it. For Ed’d Light my fire.

One Word Photo Challenge: Sapphire

I had mixed feelings about Hoi An in Vietnam. It is a tourist town and sometimes that can be good. They have this ghastly bridge that spans a small polluted stretch of water which they light up with different coloured lights and charge stupid tourists a ridiculous amount of dong to walk across thing. I found their obsessive attention to non-paying crossers amusing. Hoi An is certainly worth a visit, but middle Vietnam has a lot more to offer.bridge in Hoi An smallJennifer’s sapphire