Southern Hemisphere Solstice Update

Update? Do I have much to update? It seems the last 3 months have galloped by and I currently on lull with my interest in photography. I have got to say it’s lovely sitting here in my tshirt and shorts with the window open. Having the fire lit seems like a distant memory to me. This year the land has dried and the temperature has rose earlier than last year. Rainfall figures are very low but not the lowest. It’s looking like it will be under 500 mm (~20″) for the year. Since the equinox, I have bought a new camera and a new 2nd hand car. Our┬álittle music group put a show for a select non-critical audience. Hooked up a new slasher up to the tractor and kept the boundaries legal. This year I paid someone to cut the rest of the 20 acres. Peace of mind. We’ve survived the majority of the Christmas gatherings; as a matter of fact, enjoyed them. Christmas Day is yet to come! My work only closes for the main holidays, so it’s back to work tomorrow for me. We are having a few days down at Wye River on the Great Ocean Road later. Thankfully my son will be able to stay home with the little dogs and his rabbits. I took some pics today of roseagapanthus dry 1agapanthus dry 2