Taupe View

In September 2009, I visited the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, just north of Brisbane, This view usually includes the Glasshouse Mountains, extensive pineapple fields, and the long Sunshine Coast itself, which is not as glitzy as it’s southern neighbour, the Gold Coast. Two days before we arrived, a dust/sand storm hit this region; 2009 being near the end of one of the driest and longest hot spells for inland Australia. So much for the view!taupe viewFor Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge: Taupe


Port Phillip, is a large bay in southern Victoria, Australia; it is the location of Melbourne. Geographically, the bay covers 1,930 square kilometres (745 square miles) and the shore stretches roughly 264 km (160 miles). At not many points on the Bay, can you look around and see the shores on the other side. On this particular night you could see everything. Daily Post Twinklenight rosebud