Travel theme: Industry

The western suburbs of Melbourne is home to a large proportion of heavy industrieswarm summers night yeah 2

My industry involves using strange glassware like these. For those interested, these are kuderna danish flasks, which are used for concentrating a solvent in a fast but controlled manner over boiling water.kd flasksTourist industry in Hanoi hangs on the selling of cheap clothing. I walked in the opposite direction to see the more local industries.street scene in HanoiAdded for Ailsa’s Industry theme. See more here.

5 thoughts on “Travel theme: Industry

    • Kathryn, Melbourne is lots of things but I have never considered it exotic. If anything, Melbourne has a reputation for being quite staid although I think Adelaide may pip it in those stakes these days. I love Melbourne; I also love not living in Melbourne (I love 50 kms out) as I can escape its madness. I’ll create a Melbourne tag to make it easier for you to see other photos.


      • That would be great Mick. It seems exotic as it has so many natural landscapes and temperatures across the country. Someday I hope to visit!

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      • Let me know if you do visit and I’ll give you a few pointers on where best to go; of course in my opinion 🙂 It’s a big journey across the pacific to here; its understandable why people don’t come. We have to make that journey whenever we leave.


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