Sunday Stills: This to That

Another year of visiting our caravan down on Port Phillip Bay has come to an end. Summer was not real hot this year; nor Autumn terribly warm. It’s a long drive there and in many ways we are glad that it has come to an end. When we arrive there, however, we just love it. I think Jo and I are good candidates for tiny houses. We would have to back off on all the crap first! My “This to That” just emphasizes the great weather change we see there between February and April.before 1after

One Word Photo Challenge: Eigengrau

Many years ago I used to like going fishing for trout at all times and at the same time I would try take some photos. Suffice to say, photography really took over my teenage interest in fishing. The attached photograph was taken long after this, on  a moonless night close to 12 AM, on the Kiewa River in North Eastern Victoria. My two friends were hoping to catch some trout, and like all good trout fishermen, were exhibiting extreme levels of patience. This fitted perfectly with long, stopped down time exposures, I thought. I did not allow for how dark this place was; I mean you could hardly see your hand in front of your face. The exposure was a complete guess. Reciprocity failure undid it a bit too.

For some strange reason I like this photo; I think because I can’t really make much out in it. The river reflection in the foreground; the last of the fading last light above; trees and the cigarette glow on the bottom left. I present this for Jennifer’s Eigangraueigangrau

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Cups

first frost for the seasonFirst frost of the season. Looks like its thawing; no water required

.cup of tea help me get to workThis cup of tea will help me get over the 56 kms to getting onThis car’s getting on. How much longer can I ask it to do this. How much longer can I ask myself to keep doing this.

first cuppa at workGrabbed a cuppa at work. What dreadful emails have I got waiting for me now.

morning teaMade it to my first and only coffee for the day. Now I just have to get that newspaper off my colleague.

risotto banana and teaAh lunchtime out in the rotunda. A beautiful sunny Autumn day; risotto, banana and a cup of tea.

heading homeOff home now. Cup of tea will help me get there.

For Sunday Stills: Cups Apologies for the lack of photographic quality here. But it helped me get through Monday.