WPC Blur

I hate blur and do not know why anybody would want shoot a blurry shot, let alone look at one, I usually ditch them straight away; annoyed with myself for forgetting to turn the autofocus back on or rushing for some other reason. I’ve kept a few for different reasons. Please feel free to avert your eyes in disgust. Pity there’s not WP dislike button. For Daily Post: blur.

This was Jack and he was 17. What he could see of me was considerable less than what you see here. Jack died soon after.jack 17

I sometimes fool myself I could take photographs of people like Cartier-Bresson. Probably just me, but I think I would have loved this photograph had it been in focus. I keep it for reminder to myselfHanoi blur

A deliberate blur of the foreground here. But I like this shot because I took it in a very crowded room; and it is not immediately evident.blur eurekaThe cause of many a blur over the years!blur 4