Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Cups

first frost for the seasonFirst frost of the season. Looks like its thawing; no water required

.cup of tea help me get to workThis cup of tea will help me get over the 56 kms to getting onThis car’s getting on. How much longer can I ask it to do this. How much longer can I¬†ask myself to keep doing this.

first cuppa at workGrabbed a cuppa at work. What dreadful emails have I got waiting for me now.

morning teaMade it to my first and only coffee for the day. Now I just have to get that newspaper off my colleague.

risotto banana and teaAh lunchtime out in the rotunda. A beautiful sunny Autumn day; risotto, banana and a cup of tea.

heading homeOff home now. Cup of tea will help me get there.

For Sunday Stills: Cups Apologies for the lack of photographic quality here. But it helped me get through Monday.