One Word Photo Challenge: Eigengrau

Many years ago I used to like going fishing for trout at all times and at the same time I would try take some photos. Suffice to say, photography really took over my teenage interest in fishing. The attached photograph was taken long after this, on  a moonless night close to 12 AM, on the Kiewa River in North Eastern Victoria. My two friends were hoping to catch some trout, and like all good trout fishermen, were exhibiting extreme levels of patience. This fitted perfectly with long, stopped down time exposures, I thought. I did not allow for how dark this place was; I mean you could hardly see your hand in front of your face. The exposure was a complete guess. Reciprocity failure undid it a bit too.

For some strange reason I like this photo; I think because I can’t really make much out in it. The river reflection in the foreground; the last of the fading last light above; trees and the cigarette glow on the bottom left. I present this for Jennifer’s Eigangraueigangrau

7 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Eigengrau

    • Yes Jennifer, it was a happy accident in a way. No more not catching fish; no more knots and tangles; In the case of this old fashioned photography, the wait for the image after processing and printing. I loved all that stuff and miss it a bit with digital. People learn so fast with digital but are they learning to slow down and take in the world around them? I’m pretty sure many still are. The stuff you do takes enormous patience and I admire you for it.


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