Travel theme: Trees

Moreton Bay Fig, Melbourne

Moreton Bay Fig, Melbourne

Hanging Rock, VictoriaAll added for Ailsa’s travel theme: trees

The big tree in East Gippsland, Victoria. ~ 90 metres tall

The big tree in East Gippsland, Victoria. ~ 90 metres tall

warm summers night yeah

Mt Macedon, Victoria

Mt Macedon, Victoria

rainforest sunshine coast

Pyrete Stae

Pyrete State Forest Victoria

13 thoughts on “Travel theme: Trees

    • Thanks Ann-Christine. Melbourne has planted many Moreton Bay figs, which are native to Queensland, and they have survived well. The disappearing trees was taken on a day of a dust storm in Queensland. A strange beige light pervaded.

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    • Thanks for your compliment Joanne. This dry world is one of my favourite places. Yes, I know there are many and I’m easily pleased. This vista is on a 10 k walk, right at the lowest point. It marks the beginning of what we have dubbed “the never ending” hill. But it does end and gets easier the more often you do it. I am so unfit but I take some inspiration from you!


  2. Hi Mick – love your trees and the vistas you show us .. the framed tree, the pine trees .. all beautiful – and that knotted one … love the way roots work .. cheers Hilary


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