On the Way

When I took this photo from the boundary of our property, on the verge of the Freeway in November 2013, I knew something was “on the way”. I phoned the government department responsible and they responded, saying that they had cut all the grass that was required by the local laws.

Freeway Strip November 2013

Freeway Strip November 2013

On February 7 2014, a nasty fire came through here. This day is never far from my thoughts. Added for WPC on the way.

Freeway strip February 2014

Freeway strip February 2014

Venus and Jupiter 2015

I have been a bit obsessed with Venus and Jupiter of late. I have been watching the two of them now since late January, when Jupiter was above the eastern, and Venus above the western horizons just after sunset. Since then Venus has been moving retrograde, that is, every night it has been appearing to be higher in the sky and closer to the east. At the same time, Jupiter has been moving closer to west at approximately the same rate as the stars around it do through the passage of time. Venus will discontinue its retrograde motion on 7/6 and slowly start heading back down towards the Sun; it will reach inferior conjunction with Sun 15/8. Jupiter and Venus will be together (in our sky) 1/7. If you draw a 60/30 right angle triangle, with the hypotenuse between the Earth and the Sun, Venus would be at the right angle with the 30° being at Earth. (These angles are very approximate) Jupiter, on the other hand is almost completely on the other side of Sun. This makes it a huge distance away and it is still very bright. Venus and Jupiter tonight at home.venus and jupiter 27 5 15

Wye River Visit. May 2015

Late last night, Jo and I returned home from wonderful, jam packed 37 hours away from home. Well, OK the 4 1/2 hrs on the road were not that much fun, even though I did enjoy listening to the old time music on 3CR on the journey home, and the journey there is always exciting. We visited our good friends Leann and Mike at there seaside house at Wye River, which is on the Great Ocean Road in Western Victoria. We have been visiting this beautiful place for almost 20 years now and it still manages to astound. L & M have just tastefully renovated the property, introducing kitchen mod cons, comfortable bathroom facilities, great insulation and most importantly, a fantastic new bedroom for them. But nothing can change the beautiful view, the sound of the pounding surf especially at night, koalas in the front yard, prolific bird-life and the proximity of beautiful mountainous natural bush-land (I could have kept comma-ing, but I had to stop). We always walk, eat wonderful food, drink very nice wine, do all of the newspaper quizes and play heaps of music while we are there. There is even time, for those inclined, to get some work done. No TV, but I have noticed internet gadgets have sneaked in. Some photos from our visit:

koala wye 16_5_15koala acrobaticsrock poolrocks at wyegrey river coastrock patternsrock patterns 2grey river walk homeJo said “Why do you always post old photos?” Well I don’t; and above is 8 more new ones.

Travel theme: Hats

A photo taken quite a few years ago of our good friend Leann and myself. It was a photo shoot for our dual 30th birthday party. I am sporting a ‘mullet’ hairstyle. Is this word an ‘aussieism’?      We had fun this day; hats often mean fun but I think they can also put a sensible lid in things. I’m with Ailsa; there should be more hat wearing in the world. It’s 7:30 Am here, a bit chilly, and we are about to travel for 180 km to visit Leann and Mike at their beautiful seaside house. Added for Ailsa’s travel theme: hatsm and leann 1988I’d like to add one more of the love of my life, Jo. She turned 60 this year. She hasn’t changed a bitJo at Bithry