Travel theme: Hats

A photo taken quite a few years ago of our good friend Leann and myself. It was a photo shoot for our dual 30th birthday party. I am sporting a ‘mullet’ hairstyle. Is this word an ‘aussieism’?      We had fun this day; hats often mean fun but I think they can also put a sensible lid in things. I’m with Ailsa; there should be more hat wearing in the world. It’s 7:30 Am here, a bit chilly, and we are about to travel for 180 km to visit Leann and Mike at their beautiful seaside house. Added for Ailsa’s travel theme: hatsm and leann 1988I’d like to add one more of the love of my life, Jo. She turned 60 this year. She hasn’t changed a bitJo at Bithry