Wye River Visit. May 2015

Late last night, Jo and I returned home from wonderful, jam packed 37 hours away from home. Well, OK the 4 1/2 hrs on the road were not that much fun, even though I did enjoy listening to the old time music on 3CR on the journey home, and the journey there is always exciting. We visited our good friends Leann and Mike at there seaside house at Wye River, which is on the Great Ocean Road in Western Victoria. We have been visiting this beautiful place for almost 20 years now and it still manages to astound. L & M have just tastefully renovated the property, introducing kitchen mod cons, comfortable bathroom facilities, great insulation and most importantly, a fantastic new bedroom for them. But nothing can change the beautiful view, the sound of the pounding surf especially at night, koalas in the front yard, prolific bird-life and the proximity of beautiful mountainous natural bush-land (I could have kept comma-ing, but I had to stop). We always walk, eat wonderful food, drink very nice wine, do all of the newspaper quizes and play heaps of music while we are there. There is even time, for those inclined, to get some work done. No TV, but I have noticed internet gadgets have sneaked in. Some photos from our visit:

koala wye 16_5_15koala acrobaticsrock poolrocks at wyegrey river coastrock patternsrock patterns 2grey river walk homeJo said “Why do you always post old photos?” Well I don’t; and above is 8 more new ones.


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