Tiny: (not so) travel theme

I despise built in obsolescence. The following photos are of dissolved oxygen electrodes used in the measurement of water quality. The only thing that is faulty with this electrode and all of them, is the tiny crack that is evident in the 2nd photograph. The company knows but continues to use inferior plastic in their moldings. I’ve added this for Ailsa’s Tiny; Not very Travel.probes 1probe 2

My muse: The Moon, Planets and Stars

Change, change, change; that’s what expected of us all. It has always been the case but the turnover is a little faster these days. If this bugs you, like it bugs me, go outside on a clear night and look at the Cosmos. If you live in a dirty city get out of it for a night. This will remind you, most conclusively, that nothing much has changed. I photograph it every now and then. I have been for 35 years. I am a beginner at it but maybe I’ll nail it in the end. In this photograph I have inadvertantly captured the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a satellite gallaxy of the Milky Way. I was rapt when I spotted this, because I did not expect it. There is a Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) as well. Next time I will capture both.looking south shortest day 15See more examples of muse here

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Buildings over 4 stories tall

This building is called the Eureka Tower. It is the tallest building in Melbourne. It has 91 floors. eureka towerI’ve many photos taken from here in other parts of my blog.

This next pic is of what used to be called BHP house. It has 41 floorsformer bhp houseIt was built in the early 70s and was the tallest building in Melbourne for many years. I took this same photo as a teenager in the early 70’s.

I’ve published this next photo before. It’s a fave for me. See more tall buildings hereLivid Building

Venus and Jupiter: June 11 2015

venus jupiter 11 06 15

Venus is brighter again, Jupiter is fainter. They are appear to be getting closer to each other. Imagine  you are at a rock concert with semi-circular audience. In the above view you can’t see the stage (the sun). You are sitting on the left hand side of the stage (facing the stage) Venus is in the middle and half way closer to the stage. Jupiter is almost all the way on the other side of the stage and right up the back row of the seats.

One word photo challenge: Wet

Where I live I am surrounded by black silty clay. Black clay takes ages to fill up with water, and once it does, it takes ages to drain. Currently the clay around me is a dry. It will take a large amount of rain, say 100 – 150 mm, to top up the clay. This needs to happen before the ephemeral stream will flow. My dam will not fill until this happens. Once my dam does fill, however, it will take a good year for the clay to dry out, meaning that relative small rain events, like 25 mm could recharge the dam. Taken a few years ago. During our last La Niña  event. Added for Jennifer’s Wet

It took a large amount of rain to fill the dam this deep

It took a large amount of rain to fill the dam this deep

1 month later , a small rain took the dam levels here

1 month later , a small rain took the dam levels here

3 months later, at the end of Summer, 25 mm of rain did this

3 months later, at the end of Summer, 25 mm of rain did this

I was bit worried the dam may burst. But that thick old black clay held.