Venus and Jupiter: June 11 2015

venus jupiter 11 06 15

Venus is brighter again, Jupiter is fainter. They are appear to be getting closer to each other. Imagine  you are at a rock concert with semi-circular audience. In the above view you can’t see the stage (the sun). You are sitting on the left hand side of the stage (facing the stage) Venus is in the middle and half way closer to the stage. Jupiter is almost all the way on the other side of the stage and right up the back row of the seats.

4 thoughts on “Venus and Jupiter: June 11 2015

    • Thanks Joanne. The white glow on the horizon is from cars on the freeway near us. The yellowish glow is a local town, 8 kilometres away. The sun was well set. I did use a tripod ~30 seconds F3.5 ISO 3200.


      • Now I’m really impressed with the quality of night sky you have with so much light pollution. Jealous … that’s what I am! We in fact see very little stars even on a clear night.

        Thanks for giving me the specs on this pic. I’m just starting to learn about this stuff so it’s slowing starting to mean something to me 🙂

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      • It’s taken looking away from the city; but our air quality is very good. Having said that, it’s a pea soupy Friday morning out there now and I’m about to drive in it. Clean fog mostly.


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