Word Press Close Up

It’s cold at my place tonight. No, not Canada or England cold; we don’t know that cold. It’s about 5°C outside, the wind is howling and it may snow here tomorrow afternoon. It hasn’t snowed here for over 10 years. My fire is burning brightly and warmly. Fires make Winter bearable. Maybe also a glass of red and some chilli con carne as well. See more close-ups hereclose up 1close up 2

Travel theme: Independence

Owning my first car as most certainly a milestone in term of independence. I just wanted to get right out of those suburbs. When I got to where I wanted to go, I needed to be further away, as remote as I could be, away from 4WDs and trail bikes. I saw  a lot. This was indeed a very special time for me.michael at gmaggie

Was no muscle car like what some of my friends had, but you wouldn’t believe places it took me. I also had to swallow my independence one day and be towed out of a ditch by a farmer who paid out on me big time. Added for Ailsa’s travel theme: Independenceindependence 1 independence 5 independence 4 independence 3 independence 2