12 thoughts on “Record angles

      • I confess I went the way of iPod a long time ago. Most of my favourites on CD were converted and everything I buy now is online.
        I was never a really serious audiophile to begin with so my trusty iPod works beautifully for me … although I am on my third one now – built-in obsolesence and all …

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      • Yes; I am still on my first ipod classic which I have had for 5 years or so now. But I just have to hold on to everything. Just checked, I’ve got 14404 songs on it which would play for 39.5 days – madness hey? Of course they’ve stopped making the classic so everything will have to go onto something else then. I resisted mp3s at first, pretending to be a purist, but gave in and love them. My friends and I, and the library, are my source of all my music. I’d be spending a bit too much otherwise and our rural satellite internet is shite. πŸ™‚


  1. Very nice angles of the record. The middle photos was my favorite because it reminds me of my teen years. I would try to get the needle exactly on the spot for my favorite song over and over. Nice memories. My granddaughter has a record player and LP collection. It is nice that they have returned. Very nice selection for this week’s challenge and love your angle selections. Nice photos!!

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