Trip to South Gippsland – October 17/18, 2015

Jo and I were invited to a 60th birthday party in Foster, about 180 km SE of Melbourne. Initially the party was supposed to be on Saturday at 1 PM but due to a death in the family, it was postponed to Sunday. We had booked our accommodation, so we stayed with the plan and did things in reverse. We travelled via the Latrobe Valley, through the Strezlecki Ranges to Thorpdale and Boolarra, dropping in on a teardrop caravan manufacturer on the way.

Lush farmland near Thorpdale

Lush farmland near Thorpdale

We travelled through the managed forests south of Boolarra, along the Grand Ridge Road, then on down to the semi coastal town of Foster.grand ridge road2

We then settled in our motel, caught up with some friends for dinner at the local pub. After breakfast we had some time to kill so we decided to head over to Walkerville and Fish Creek. On the way we spotted Foster’s beautiful gardens. This garden displayed your usual suspects like rhododendrons and northern hemisphere exotics.rhodies

But some lovely natives were sneaking in too. Like this tree ferntree fern foster

and this Callistemoncallistemon at foster

And this beauty as welljo bridge foster

To be continued.

8 thoughts on “Trip to South Gippsland – October 17/18, 2015

    • Shrubs actually become overloaded with the flowers and our honey-eaters, especially wattle birds, love them. I don’t find them overly fragrant but I do believe they possess this quality. They come in colours ranging from maroon through to yellowy green and are commonly referred to as bottlebrushes.


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