Trip to South Gippsland Part II

As outlined in the Part I, Jo and I had some time to kill on Sunday morning before the 60th birthday party we were attending in Foster. Jo really wanted put her feet in the sea so we headed over to Walkerville. The road between Foster and Walkerville travels along a lush green ridge overlooking corner inlet and Wilson’s Promontory. It was a cool sunny, light wind day. Being October, the sun was quite hot; certainly a hat and sunnies day. As the wind was a south-easterly and light, a heavy sea-mist was shrouding the prom and the inlet. I imagine the view from this ridge would have been spectacular on any other day. We had a quick look at Fish Creek, quickly deciding we would drop back here on the way back from Walkerville. Further on, we noticed a ridge full of wind turbines on the horizon. If my memory serves me well, I think these were the ones that were constructed after a long battle with those who thought that the blades would inhibit the recovery of the endangered orange bellied parrot (OBP). Since the towers were built, there have not been many reports of affected OBPs. The roadside was scattered with many white flowers. These were tea-trees or Leptospermum.tea tree walkerville

We arrived at Walkerville at an expansive deserted beach.walkerville beachJo rushed down to the water and put feet in, albeit briefly, as Bass Strait is often cold. walkerville sand 1

I could spend more time here but this small sojourn was finewalkerville rockpoolhole in a rock walkervilleOur visit to Fish Creek – next