Flowers in our garden today

Today I did some planting in the garden. I couldn’t help but notice some the plants the were planted by my sister, Francesca and her family, last year, were flowering beautifully. So refreshing after that horrible fire.



lavender 2Calistemoncallistemon oct 15

Silver Birch that survived the fire

Silver Birch that survived the fire

9 thoughts on “Flowers in our garden today

  1. The only plant I recognized that we have here is the Silver Birch. I also recognized the *Bottle Brush* flower from another post although I don’t remember it’s real name. Too bad we don’t get that beauty here!
    … but I’m curious about the first flower. The leaves on that plant look a lot like Rosemary, I’m assuming it’s not because I’ve never seen Rosemary with beautiful red & yellow flowers like that.

    Glad to hear the land is recovering from your devastating fire. It looks like it’s off to a great start!

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    • The first flower is a Grevillea. It is so similar to rosemary that one variety is called rosmarinafolia. There are hundreds of varieties and they are certainly a favourite of mine. The bottle brush or callistemon is the one you have forgotten. These plants would not survive your winter. Probably why you haven’t seen them.
      Thanks so much, the land is looking good.


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