I’m missing

I love blogging and checking all your blogs but something has to give at the moment, and unfortunately it’s blogging.

Being an old man, I’ve got a dodgy left knee which has been giving me grief since mid-August. The physio is really enjoying herself in making me do minimum 1 hour of exercises everyday, which after I visit her, increase in intensity.

Ugly El Niño is wreaking havoc here in Aus, with fires threatening us this early in the season. I am not prepared and nor is anyone. Some suspect arson, maybe, but we need to catch one in the act before we all point the finger. El Niño is also causing major disruption in my job as well.

Our little Jack Russell, Maya, is 50 days pregnant and we found out today she has 6-8 puppies! Lucky I have 2 weeks off as of 4/12. Then Jo can take over.

I think I’ll add a photo just for fun, why not a fewparty kidsguitarabout 1979 I thinkfish creek platform