The South Celestial Pole

Pole star or Polaris; no we do not have a pole star in the Southern Hemisphere. To most, it’s not all that important, but I like to use it to find out where south is at night or to line up star trail pics.

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Draw a line through the long beam of the cross and continue the line below the cross until meets a line which emanates from between Alpha and Beta Centauri perpendicularly.

Orion in the Southern Hemisphere

Summer is special time for stargazing in the south. Firstly, it’s warm outside but most importantly we have Orion and the Seven Sisters to wonder at. We don’t call it Orion, however, but the Saucepan or the Pot. Check it out.orion and seven sistersThe Pot is to the right of the tree; the Seven Sisters or Pleiades to the left.


Last night I was home alone on puppy duty. It was a hot, windy night and I was becoming a little obsessed about what may have happened, or might happen elsewhere, as Victoria was experiencing a bad night for bushfires. There was nothing I could do about it, so I gave in to the beers and took a few pictures outside. The Moon was low, as it always is in Summer, casting long shadows across our dry fields. It was indeed a beautiful now.

At the latest count, 116 houses have been lost in a seaside resort fire here. Thankfully, no lives lost. All thanks to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Added for WPC Now

Spice of life

I love Thailand. I love their version of spicy food. While in Chiang Mai, I went for a wander through a local market when I came across this amazing sight.

These colourful curries oozed beautiful spicy odours. 30b for small serve. 60 b for a large. I had already eaten so I did not indulge, but I wish I had. See more spicy ideas here.

Later on, at this market, I noticed loud music playing. Then all of a sudden the music became more formal and everybody was motionless, except for us farang. We joined them for the remaining 45 seconds, then continued with exploration.

Naughty or Nice

I thought I would deal with Nice first. Today, here in Victoria, it is 41°C outside with a very nasty hot north wind. How nice would it be to be here?img436How nice is this tiny little puppy?sister mary puppikansHow naughty is this kookaburra?kookaburraAnd is this little fellow naughty or nice? I’m not sure. See more hererogie

Monster Heat

About 9 months ago I bought a cheap red filter for bringing back the good old black and white days; making blue almost black. Well my digital/analog attempts so far have failed. There is probably a way I can do this digitally. Below is the B&W and white heat small

The weather today is disgusting. Tomorrow will be worse. Hot north winds 36° today 41° tomorrow and everything is tinder dry. I think the original is more appropriate. I need some good news for Christmas; not this stuff.summer heat