Eye spy? Not here.

Yesterday, our beautiful girl, Maya, brought 7 healthy pups into the world. They are blind so they ‘root’ around for the nipple, then zero in. This is a blatant, and very loose, opportunity for me to put up a blog post in a challenge with our new puppies in it. Added for WPC Eye spymaya pups day 2

7 thoughts on “Eye spy? Not here.

  1. Mazal tov!!! Newborn mammals find the year by means of scent molecules that they follow like a breadcrumb trail. Then once they get a strong enough signal in the rhinencephalon, the part of the brain that perceives smell, the rooting reflex kicks in and helps them bump into the nipple. The same with people, but puppies only need one scent molecule to set off their scent receptors. Humans can actually do it with five if there are no strong artificial odors around. Yay smell! Yay dogs! I bet your little mommy is glad not to be preggers any more….busy though….!


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