Last night I was home alone on puppy duty. It was a hot, windy night and I was becoming a little obsessed about what may have happened, or might happen elsewhere, as Victoria was experiencing a bad night for bushfires. There was nothing I could do about it, so I gave in to the beers and took a few pictures outside. The Moon was low, as it always is in Summer, casting long shadows across our dry fields. It was indeed a beautiful now.

At the latest count, 116 houses have been lost in a seaside resort fire here. Thankfully, no lives lost. All thanks to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Added for WPC Now

6 thoughts on “Now

  1. Lovely photos Mick. The moon has been beautiful the past few nights. It’s been a tough time with the fires, but I’m sure the communities will bounce back in the usual Aussie way. Heartwarming news footage this evening of koalas rescued from that area.

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    • I’m a little close to it as my friends have a lovely house there Ruth. They’re safe and it seems their house has not been razed. I’ve walked many times through the bush that has been burnt. We usually do a koala count. I’d say a lot of them have perished. The bush will recover and the koalas will come back.

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