Orion in the Southern Hemisphere

Summer is special time for stargazing in the south. Firstly, it’s warm outside but most importantly we have Orion and the Seven Sisters to wonder at. We don’t call it Orion, however, but the Saucepan or the Pot. Check it out.orion and seven sistersThe Pot is to the right of the tree; the Seven Sisters or Pleiades to the left.

8 thoughts on “Orion in the Southern Hemisphere

  1. The most magnificent night sky I have ever seen was in Australia. I remember being absolutely gob-smacked at the intensity of the stars … like I could almost reach out and touch them.
    I have yet to experience anything close to that …. Not even at the observatory on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.
    I never did quite grasp The Pot … But I remember the 7 Sisters 🙂
    Great photo Mick.

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      • Sadly, no … it didn’t help. I admit I’d pretty dense when it comes to recognizing constellations.
        My husband has an app on his phone that shows the position of the constellations and planets in the sky even during the daytime. I can usually pick out the planets ok, but the constellations baffle me.


  2. Orion and the Pleiades are my favourites, although Orion is up side down to how I learnt the stars in the northern hemisphere. I hadn’t heard the pot or saucepan name though. The night sky is stunning at the moment. Also early morning with Jupiter, Mars and Venus. I hope to get some night sky photos in coming months.

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