Back at Rosebud

We’ve been back at Rosebud for a few weekends now. Its been a bit of frantic start to the late Summer beach visit; with the puppies all going in the first and second weeks of February.puppies 30 01 16One is missing from this pic. She left us the previous day.

So we headed down to Rosebud, on the southern base of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria. I like to sit on the beach at sunset; have a drink and some nibblies. Take some pics. These were taken on February 16.

I took a few more last night, February 28. Apologies for the monotony.

5 thoughts on “Back at Rosebud

  1. It must have been rather sad to say good-bye to the puppies. They look adorable 🙂

    A beautiful sunset never fails to captivate us. Each time it’s all new again 🙂
    I love the one with the swans on the water. Gorgeous!

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  2. It must be quiet without the puppies. They’ll now be delighting other families with their antics. The sunsets are beautiful and never monotonous. We’ll have to head out towards Rosebud when we next come over to the mainland, it looks lovely Mick.

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