In a past life I have enjoyed bushwalking. It has often been associated with reaching the top of mountains and checking out the fantastic views. But not always. I have done bit of cycling as well; in retrospect, I think I used this as way to get me off cigarettes. It worked. I may need to return to cycling and more walking for different reasons now.

Some of these photographs have been taken in the Victorian Alps. In height, they are similar to the Appalachians in the US.

3 thoughts on “Quest

  1. I like the term *bushwalking*. It has a better *zen* feel to it than simply *hiking* 🙂

    I discovered hiking late in life and I wish I had embraced it much earlier. It looks like your bushwalking has taken you to some very beautiful places. I agree – I think you should start again 😉

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    • I am currently reading “A walk in the woods” by Bill Bryson. He’s funny. I’ve enjoyed your tales of the Bruce Trail. I agree I should return to it. I have walked in many corners of Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. I am sure hoping I can return to some of these walks.


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