I can ignore T altogether, or spend my precious long weekend searching for T photographs in my database, or better still, go take some fancy photos. But no, I will add some fairly average photos I took last night of Melbourne’s Burnley Tunnel. I have driven through this tunnel, but since there was a very nasty accident there many years ago, I have elected not to. I am passenger in these photos, and even then I was anxious. Burnley tunnel is 3 or 4 kms long and that is too long for me. It is also very deep so it has a quite a climb out the other side.

The big double tipper changed lanes as we were climbing out of the tunnel. It was this behaviour that caused the nasty accident in there. It is not illegal, and drivers are discouraged from doing it. The truckie has a job to do. No excuse.

5 thoughts on “Tunnels

  1. Like you, I’m not a fan of tunnels. Give me a bridge any day.
    It’s a claustrophobia thing and the thought of being trapped down there if there’s an accident. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

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  2. Interesting to see other people’s choice for each letter. I’m not particularly bothered by tunnels but can understand your nervousness, especially knowing of previous accidents. There are a couple of junctions in Hobart that make me nervous. I don’t think I’ve come across any tunnels in Tassie.

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    • I drive through the other three – just not that one.
      It turns out there was a slow truck in the left lane, the tipper was originally in the middle lane, but he was hammering. Someone may have pulled out foolishly to pass the slow truck and he moved over to avoid the lane changer. This is all sounding little familiar don’t you think? After all, he can see ahead a lot further than any of us. Time for a public education campaign, I’d say.

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      • My recollection from driving in the UK for five weeks many years ago is that changing lanes in tunnels or on bridges was not permitted. (Couldn’t say if that’s still the case.) I think maybe we need to think about that. Even if you get stuck behind someone slow, it’s only for a few minutes really.

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