My son Gabriel was born in 1992. He was born 5 weeks prem. He spent 5 hours of his first day being operated on and then 5 weeks in hospital. He has had many operations since.

We left our run a little late and could not give him a little brother or sister. We love him very much.


Some previously published night snaps here. Nice to put them together.


No, this is not my N entry. Nor is it photographic. Nor is it typical of me to nitpick here in wordpressland. Notwithstanding, it is my intention to continue.

I can understand why the majority of American English exists. It seems over 400 years or so, things do evolve. Why spell fiber fibre? There are many examples of the English language which are inconsistent.  Why not iron them out?

I’m not going go on. It is boring.

As a chemist, my biggest irritation is Aluminum. It raises my blood pressure writing it that way. It shouldn’t, I know.

Aluminium. Pronounced with the emphasis on al and spoken like condominium. Easy.

With the advent of the internet, American English is taking over the world.

One more. Going to the bathroom. My son insists on saying this. “Are you having a bath or a shower” I say. He just ignores me now. What’s wrong with word toilet?

Nitpick no more






Moon, Melbourne, Macro, Marriage, Mouths, Mountains; one can get carried away. Moon


Unlike the wet countries that most of my blogging mates live in, Australia is not really known for its lakes. Unless you live in Tasmania or in the outback after a flood. A large percentage of lakes in Australia are really man made (thanks Joanne) reservoirs. Here is a small selection.


My lifetime partner and best friend. Possibly not after this entry. This entry is here on her maniaBelow is a photo I took of her in the early 70s long before we got togetherjo early 70'sA more recent photographJo 2009She is teacher, a damn good one. This is her in 1988, top right hand, in her Diana Dors phase.rhpps 88 - 2A selfie; she took it, so she must approve. In Central Bangkokjo selfie bangkok

Both Jo and I love dogs. I don’t know why; as I write this both of our Jack Russells are fighting.


Please excuse me for my laziness tonight. This is Iris DeMent. I am a fan of hers.IrisThis is photo I took of her 17 mths ago, at Meeniyan Town Hall, in South Gippsland, Victoria. She has an unusual voice which a lot of people cannot appreciate. That’s OK, She’s a star in my eyes and ears.  – I met her after the show but was too shy to be photographed with her.