I have quite a lot of camping photos. Too many for here and possibly a tad boring. I have a favourite camping story. Four of us were camping in the Grampians in Western Victoria and as luck would have it, we had the whole camping site to ourselves. The weather was ideal, the fire was crackling, food tasty, a bit of beer and bubbly, and the chatter and music was lively. Then came along a group of motorcyclists looking for a campsite. We started singing “Sons of god, hear his holy word, gather around, the table of the lord, eat his body, drink his blood, an we’ll sing a song of love, allelu, allelu, allelu, alleluia” They quickly scarpered. Then came along a very straight looking family. “It’s a long way to the top if ya wanna rock and roll” was belted out. Off they went. Back to good contemporary music and fun. We got to keep our wonderful mountain site to ourselves for the rest of the night. Added for Ailsa’s camping


This is one of my favourite faces photos. Oh, to be 21!circles 21stSome of us look at fashions, others look at backgrounds, but most look at the faces. Taken ~1924, my fathers family. He is the  3 yr old with blonde hair.face 2I think my grandmother tore this photo in half. She was in the missing bit.

Finish with  another funny face.face 1


With a macro lens, some of the best photos you can get are right down in the earth. I am far from being competent at this skill. But it is so much fun when that inspiration comes along.

The Pyrete State Forest is a dry, rarely visited forest near where I live. I love to visit there when I have the time. See more earthy photos here

WPC Admiration

I admire women in developing countries. They work so hard without all the luxuries we have in the west. On top of that, they can maintain an appearance of cleanliness and are often demure. The following are photographs I took at Dong Ba Market in Huế.

The fish is so fresh. They only have ice to keep it cold; you would soon know if it wasn’ dong baAdded for WordPress challenge “Admiration