Off to Italy

Yesterday was my last day at work for awhile. On Tuesday Jo and I are travelling to Italy, while our son stays home to look after the animals and farm. I have not been on here much lately. I have been organising the holiday and not taking pics. Jo got whacked with cancer and treatment earlier in the year. The treatment is now been complete for more than two months and there is big chance she is free of it.

Here are some pics I have taken in the last month or so.

It snowed at our place this Winter. For about 30 mins, very lightly.snow july 16


5 thoughts on “Off to Italy

  1. So sorry to hear about your wife. I can imagine what a difficult year this has been for the two of you. I hope for the best possible results!
    Have a great vacation. Eat, drink, and enjoy this wonderful country 🙂

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  2. Wishing you both health and happiness. Hope it’s a positive outcome after Jo’s treatment. Have a great time in Italy, such a wonderful country. I look forward to hearing about your travels.

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