Beautiful Lucca

Yesterday,  we arrived in Lucca, Tuscany. The host said ‘you are so so lucky, (as well as he could in English,  which was much better than my Italian) our festival is on tonight,  it was rescheduled due to the earthquake.  All museums free, party, party, party!’ We said ‘oh great’ hiding our sarcasm. Well there were thousands of people in Lucca last night. Groan. Such a beautiful place, however. This morning I woke early and almost had the place to myself.  I actually was the only person in the Piazza Anfiteatro for about 5 minutes this morning. Last night it was noisy with literally thousands of people. I’ve hired a bike already and checking this joint out. Remember, remember,  stick to the right. Ciao.imgp2295imgp2278

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