Changing Seasons. January 2017

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As I child, I cursed cool January days. My Summer was being stolen from me. I enjoyed spending all day at the pool turning very brown as well. I’m paying for that now with solar keratosis and regular skin checks and suspicious bits cut off me just in case.
There is no not wearing hats for me. The sun is a mean machine for which I have great respect. Today it is about 20° , cloudy with a bit of sun. There is no wind and I have opened all the windows. I can hear the freeway in the distance and plane high above. This is a little calm before the coming heatwave of 38° on Tuesday.
The paddock in the photo above is about kilometre from our place. I was over there two nights ago attempting to take moonrise pics. The distant air was so dirty I could barely see the moon. At this site the freeway is not as ubiquitous. Little wrens were twittering and I could hear cattle lowing in the distance. The hill is an extinct lava capped volcano from about 25000 years ago. Its about 500 m above sea level. All the land was cleared extensively in the early 1800s to make way for the graziers and to provide fuel for heating. The land was originally covered in scrub; easily removed. If not replanted and protected from ruminants, this scrub hasn’t got a chance to regrow. I have added this photo for WPC ambience