Changing Seasons. January 2017

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    • The pier to pub is a 1.2 km swim which has held for 35 years. 5000 people compete. It is obviously ran in stages. My friend, who was competing, came 3750th! Some of them end up at the pub, but probably not most, as it requires great fitness. The event is a major drawcard for the Great Ocean Road here in Victoria. I was there as support crew for my friend.

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  2. Ah, another Aussie blog. I am going to have to check this out. If only I had a decent broadband connection! Ours has reduced to a dribble this year 😦 Not good.
    Love the lake shots – is this in the south eastern part of the country? I have never been to that area and it looks stunning. (I haven’t been to a lot of areas in Oz, but probably more than some Australians have!)
    Jude xx

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