Solitude in a crowd

Back in August and September I travelled to Italy. It had a great affect on me then and now. Yes, it was a first visit to Europe and we had to go to where all the tourists go. But here in Australia I can find solitude whenever I want it. I forget how much I treasure it. Early in our holiday I was jetlagged and resisting adjusting. I just got up early; no-one was up.small-stitch-atrani

Later I found I could find quiet places that the tourists didn’t like much. Like on the back walk at Villa Cimbrone, Ravellosolitude-ravallo

It was more difficult to escape the crowds in Naples, Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Cinque Terra. I gave in to the wonders of the art, and sheer beauty of these places. By the time I arrived at Bolzano I needed my space.

At Venice I caught the vaporetto over to Lido, hired a bicycle and rode to the south tip of the island. Yeah this will do.lido-wildernessBack in Rome a few days later I found solitude in a crowd. In the middle of a busy day at the Colosseum. It was there all the time, I just needed fine tuning. Added for WPC solitude.