I have numerous photos of shadows over the years. All of varying quality, I have never been particularly fussed if they satisfy certain technical criteria, as long they have some significance with regards to when, where and why I took them. Having said that, when I look at these old pics, I know what I would do today to improve them. All well and good with today’s equipment, but I don’t think I’m any more patient. Lately I have been following Bird Photography Australia’s facebook page. The photographs are extraordinary, and they are welcome respite from the constant depressing political news and opinion mongering that social media indulges in. The patience and technical mastery of these photographers amaze me, but I have no wish to emulate them. I like what I do now, and I will continue to improve at a pace that is dictated by only me, as it should be.
I have added below a couple of pics I took around 1980; one of sheep on a sunny Winter solstice and another of me. Added for WordPress Shadow


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