Changing Seasons. February 2017

As we approach the end of Summer we will be experiencing an unusual blast of Summer weather. It was only six months ago when I was in Rome experiencing a very similar end of Summer weather. February is not my favourite time to photograph. The light is too harsh except early in the morning and before sunset. Jo and I also spend a lot of time down at the beach to enjoy the mild to warm weather. Last weekend it snowed in our alps; a very very unusual event. Here’s some pics of the beach from a couple of weekends. For Max’s blog.

11 thoughts on “Changing Seasons. February 2017

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    • The large part of Australia that is not affected by Antarctica experienced extremely hot weather this Summer. Some are saying the hottest on record. There were some very nasty grass fires further north with large loss of property and livestock. These are not usually reported internationally due to no loss of life. Another changing seasoner has commented on the heat.
      I can’t resist the sunsets at Rosebud.


  2. Nice pics Michael. I also got a similar dog shot on that day, then realised that the dog was in the camping ground, and the owners couldn’t give a stuff about rules for dogs on the beach or dogs in camps. It was an old, big fella, a lovely dog, but imagine if every camper decided to do this.


    • Dogs are sneaking in a bit more. A lot of owners are responsible with their dogs. Unfortunately, the bad eggs spoil it. We don’t bring our dogs down because we would have trouble controlling them.


      • I don’t think any one should bring dogs, despite the responsible owners. Camping with potential barkers and turd droppers and biters ( no one ever admits that their little or big could be annoying to others) would be awful. I have friends who do go to dog friendly rental houses, camps and even restaurants.

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