The Changing Seasons June 2017

A big part of blogging is not only posting, but reading, and commenting on, all of my favourite blogs. I apologise for not finding time for this. Work has been more hectic than ever and I admit to being a little addicted to Words with friends. I leave for work in the dark and get home the dark. It’s cold, I light the fire, we eat, we socialise, we watch the telly, we obsess with the internet.
Last week I travelled to Lakes Entrance for a course and managed to capture some pre-dawn photographs. It has been cold but very dry in Victoria this Winter. Some parts of Victoria need rain badly. I will add some of these pics for Max’s changing seasons.

6 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons June 2017

  1. Beautiful! I love night photography!
    I totally understand your points about blogging. I haven’t had much time for such things lately either. I’ve started a new job in a kindergarden/pre-school and after work it’s house chores, socializing, guitar playing, visit the gym, watch some series, etc, etc…
    Both blogging and photographing has been reduced to a minimum.
    In my previous job I worked at an office and had plenty of time to visit blogs and even prepare blog posts during office hours.

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    • Thank you Max. Well your challenge keeps me in this blogging show. Like you I play guitar and it has a prominence at the moment. All the other bloggers will keep on blogging whether we are there or not. But it is a nice community and I intend on keeping in touch.


      • Yes, the blogging world will definitely keep on blogging regardless if you and I post or not.

        My guitar also has a prominence at the moment. I’ve been practicing a lot on one difficult (for me) finger picking tune, plus I have rediscovered a couple of my old songs that I haven’t played for years. I’ll upgrade them to better fit my current level – add some licks here and there, maybe add some fingerpicking, change some of the chords etc.
        The last week I’ve been playing several hours each day (between 2-5 hours), just like I used to do. Playing guitar is so much fun and it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are: there’s always something new to learn and it’s still fun!

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  3. It seems that many of us are struggling with how time consuming blogging is while trying to “have a life”. Like you, I don’t want to give it up because I really enjoy the conversations, but at the same time, there is so much I want to do and should be doing instead.

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