The Changing Seasons July 2017

Hi there! July in cold old Victoria it is. I have friends and family overseas and up north sunning themselves. I’m down here in the cold semi antarctic conditions. The sun is shining; it’s not snowing; it not -°; the fires roaring. There is really nothing to complain about. I maybe heading to Hobart next month. Now that will be a wintry experience for me. I’ve added these for Max’s changing seasons. Some not the best quality – apologies.

I have been seeing some very clear weather lately. The mountain – hill, in the distance in the first photograph is 120 km distant. One morning I thought saw a 160 km distant mountain but was not able to prove it.

I try to leave work early sometimes as I like to see the sunset and see my dogs in the daylight

6 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons July 2017

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    • Most clear mornings I see the 120 km mountain. I have only seen the 160 once. Right position but it could’ve been a cloud. You are right; it is good for the soul to look and recognize long distances.


    • I really don’t mind the cold. It doesn’t get Toronto cold here. I’m glad the days are getting longer. Of course,you are slowly heading back to Winter. Enjoy your late Summer and early Autumn. Best time of the year.

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