The Changing Seasons August 2017

I am so lucky to have been asked to sample down at the Gippsland Lakes this August as I don’t think I would have too much to contribute. I’ve added these photos for Max’s Changing Seasons. Please visit the page and check out some nice views of the world at different times of the year.

August is Acacia flowering time here in Victoria. I grabbed a couple of close ups.

These are both Cootamundra Wattles, Acacia Baileyana. Wattles grow through the bush like weeds and indeed, these wattles, 10s of them, have popped up since the 2014 fire, all from the seeds of one tree. These wattles are not indigenous to the area and must be kept under control. I love their flowers.

Last week I visited the Gippsland Lakes for a sampling trip. The lakes are estuarine and are mostly surrounded by farmland. While they are very beautiful and still wild in parts, they are under threat from the many uses that surround them, such as farming, industry and tourism. We sample the lakes to monitor the chemical and biological quality of the water. From this we can detect gross changes, or gradual trending, in water quality. This in turn enables us to pinpoint the possible source and can initiate discussions to influence changes in industry practices. It becomes a win-win, because most locals do not want their lakes to change while at the same time do not want to be over-regulated.

On the 2nd day, before heading out again, my colleague and I got up well before sunrise to do a spot of fishing and photography near where we were staying. It is indeed a beautiful place.

23 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons August 2017

  1. Lovely post, Mick! I envy your job. This month I’m camped on an estuarine lake myself: Tenmile, which connects to the Pacific via a creek of the same name. The little campground here has a tiny marina and a bar for the weekend crabbing crowd. The lake, while slightly brackish, nevertheless holds good trout and bass, as well as salmon. Wonderful birds here too!

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  3. There’s nothing quite like being around water. Beautiful 🙂

    I spent a summer during university working for the Ministry of Natural Resources and THE highlight of that summer was getting sent out with various crews to collect water samples. Unlike you on this excursion, I had no idea what the samples were used for … I just liked the opportunity to get out of the office 🙂

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  4. Looks like a lovely region Mick. We had invasive wattle trees in our garden in South Africa which originated from Australasia and grew like weeds!! A devil of a job to eradicate them! But I do like the bright yellow flowers.

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    • I get to go out a few days a year. Either in the bays or the lakes. I take the snaps between the work bits, except for the filtering photo taken by a colleague. It’s pretty full on when it’s on and you have to get it right as for the most part there are no second chances. Having said that it’s a fantastic experience which I cherish.


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