The Changing Seasons September 2017

Photography has been miles from my mind this month. It’s been a big month of music and early Spring entertainment. Removing last years dead grass has been high on my agenda. This Summer is going to be hot and dry one with the threat of fires up there with what hit us here in February 2014. This will not happen to us again.

Jo’s choir, the Pollyphonics put on a great show with a cabaret theme.

A little break in marine training on the Yarra River allowed me to grab this shot.

ship 1

The garden is moving into Spring


Our dam at the start of the season

Thanks for Max who runs the Changing Seasons. Check his blog out here

6 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons September 2017

  1. Happy Spring, Mick. I hope you’re wrong about a bad fire season pending. That’s never good and the western part of Canada was very badly affected this summer. A lot of Australians up here to help fight them.
    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I hope you get a wet summer like we had here in the eastern part of Canada.

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