Ah, the serenity

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything but on the changing seasons. Here’s a bunch of photos specially chosen for the Serene theme. Apologies as some have been previously published.

18 thoughts on “Ah, the serenity

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  2. It’s interesting how nature is often the first thing we think of when we consider the word ‘serene’.
    … and yet when it’s time to relax and unwind, the average person chooses to veg in front of a TV or computer screen rather than going outdoors.

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    • I had a lot of nature pics that were not so serene which I rejected. Is vegging really serenity? I think not. I enjoy sharing my pics, reading other blogs, instagram and sometimes TV and FB. But it’s not a serene feeling. It’s just good not dancing to someone else’s tune. I’m excited by being able to talk to people all over the world and also they wanting to talk to me. But it’s not serene. You are still a fit person Joanne. You know that feeling when you are having a break after some exertion and you are incredibly focussed. That’s serene to me. It’s what those who can master meditation can achieve. With the photos above, I get there by a form of meditation. If I’m excited or rushing not a hope in hell. There’s an Australian movie called ‘The Castle’. Ah the serenity comes from that. It is very Aussie and may not be appreciated elsewhere. But while the main character is looking at electricity pylons after travelling seversl hours to his holiday house, it makes a lot of sense to me.


      • I know exactly what you mean by the feeling of deep calm after a period of physical exertion. The best word I can think of to describe It is ‘delicious’.

        Right now, the sun rose only a short while ago and it’s another gray late autumn day. There’s a frost covering everything and it looks so peaceful outside – not even a breath of a wind. I will savour this moment of morning serenity for as long as possible šŸ™‚

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  3. You never need to apologise for showing beautiful photos again and again Mick. Of course serene can simply refer to a cloudless sky or a calm sea as well as meaning ‘cool, calm and collected’. I think I feel most serene when I zone out in a beautiful garden surrounded by scent and colour and form or when hiking to the top of a hill and seeing the view below me.

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    • Jude, I know you know serene by the photographs you publish. Who could not feel serene in such a beautiful place such as Cornwall. I hope I can convince my Jo to visit there with me . Doc Martin always does such a great job of advertising it’s beauty. Joanne Cisco has just visited a quiet but beautiful Greece. Is it possible to visit Cornwall when it is not being overrun by tourists and at the same time not be frozen? When we visited Italy last year the numbers were bearable because it was September. The weather was divine.


      • September can be very nice here and it is definitely less crowded. April and May are good months too and the gardens are gorgeous then. Just avoid Easter and Spring Bank holidays !

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