It’s bloody hot

5 thoughts on “It’s bloody hot

  1. You can send us some of your heat! It’s cold and wet and windy here. Love your bird photo, and I had to look up the Melaleuca as I would have said Callistemon. I didn’t realise they were so similar. Love bottlebrushes though whatever their genus. Hope you get some reprieve from the heat soon.

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    • Thanks Jude. I just checked – Yes I did spell it incorrectly. This Melaleuca is particularly special to me as it survived the fire, and before the fire it could not compete with its neighbour. While many melaleucas have bottlebrush flowers, they are never referred to as bottlebrushes. Their common names are paperbarks or honey myrtles. They have caused great havoc in the Everglades and are obviously classified as a weed.
      I’m off to Gippsland for a few days. It’s cooler down there.

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