The Changing Seasons. July 2018

Ok, it’s July 31. I’ve had enough of this Winter thing now. I know we still have another three months of it to go down here in Victoria.
I have been playing a lot of music lately so my photos have suffered. And I am itching to get out on the water again. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’m off to Gippsland again.
Also, Jo and I have been slowly emptying rooms here. After living here for 20 years, we are yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll get there. Here’s some pics from July. Added for Su’s Changing Seasons which can be found here.

7 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons. July 2018

  1. Oh, I know what you mean about trying to empty rooms Mick. We’ve been here for 18 years and all I seem to do is move stuff from one room to another πŸ™‚ Beautiful shots as always; I love your Prince’s Bridge/Yarra shots. It feel like way too long since I was in Melbourne. 😦

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  3. Lots of footy happening in your seasonal shots. Lovely pics as usual. Moving house is an excellent opportunity to reduce. I’m slowly addressing the accumulated junk here, and finding it quite satisfying.

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