Changing Seasons. August and September 2018

In the last two months I have been busy with moving and visiting my mother in several hospitals. Mum is 95 and has undergone bowel surgery and is currently in a rehab hospital. She probably won’t be able to go home.

In late August. early September Melbourne endured a horrible industrial fire. I have added a couple of pics.

We have moved to our new house but are still managing the old property as we hope it to be subdivided into two blocks. This is a very involved process requiring all kinds of local government scrutiny. I do not agree with rampant, unchecked development so I am in full agreement with this process.

Our new house is comfortable and is situated on 1600m2 in 10 year old estate. A considerably more manageable piece of land. We are loving it so far; it has a few flaws but what house hasn’t? Our older dog doesn’t like much but the young dog loves it.

Spring has arrived here. We are experiencing warm days and cold nights. Like Su in New Zealand, we have been warned of a horror Summer ahead of us. So I am enjoying these beautiful days. And I am yet to cop hay fever!

Today is the day of the Australian Rules football grand final. Two avian teams are playing  – the Magpies vs the Eagles. I follow neither. I am supposed to have some allegiance to the Victorian team, the ‘pies’, but I can’t bring myself to that place. I will be barracking for the Eagles (from Perth)

Below are smattering of photos I have taken over the last two months. Check Su’s great page for more pics.

mum recovering


7 thoughts on “Changing Seasons. August and September 2018

  1. Mick I’m so sorry to hear your mum has been so unwell. I hope she is recovering, both physically and in her quality of life.
    It’s so nice to hear you (as a developer) say you’re happy to comply with planning regulations. Mostly I hear people complaining — because rules are fine, but they don’t apply to us right?
    As always your photos are fabulous!
    Wishing you a long, hay-fever-light spring (as I wish for myself).

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    • I’m back at work today Su and only an hour to digest the more important of 5 days of emails. Now actioning them 😦 A dry Winter and Spring means less grass so hopefully less hay-fever. Mum will be fine. She has lived in her house for over 70 years. That’s hard for her.

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      • Good news on the hay-fever front. I had never suffered from it until we moved here — right in the path of pine pollen from a nearby forest.
        I understand how difficult it must be for your mum. My gran was the same age when she had to leave her home and go into care. She hadn’t lived in the same place for as long; but had still been there for several decades. It was difficult for her.

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