The Changing Seasons. October and November 2018

Just because I don’t come here often does not mean I going to abandon blogging. It is a pretty special place here and I hope to hang on by a thread for a while yet. Been a crazy couple of months with Mum moving into a nursing home, industrial fire clean-ups and the continuation of the move into our lovely new house. It’s funny being in the ‘burbs again. Like, I’m not big on Halloween; it’s not really an Aussie thing. Yet. But boy did we get swamped by kids wanting lollies. We had been preparing for yearly Melbourne Cup weekend away from it at the Maldon Folk music festival. Jo bought a nice selection of sweets for the campers. Oh no. Spooky looking children in expensive ‘the scream’ masks moving from side to side wanting lollies from the new neighbours. And what is it with the pumpkins? Our pumpkins are good in May!! oh well. The whole event seemed harmless enough. Then there’s Thanksgiving. We don’t do it. But the following day there was all this crap about Black Friday. Grrrrr. To be honest, it didn’t really affect me that much. But surely you have to give thanks before you thanks give? Thanks Su


Industrial fires

Domestic things


11 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons. October and November 2018

  1. Nice to see you pop up your head once in while. It does sound like the past couple of months have been hectic for you.

    I feel the same way about Black Friday. It’s creeped into Canada in a major way and it annoys the hell out of me. Having said that, it does make sense though. For years, local retailers have watched people flock to the US for Black Friday deals. With the US border only short drive away, businesses are now trying to encourage shoppers to spend at home. I support that!!
    For you though … yeah, not so much 😉

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    • That’s an interesting point Joanne — and I celebrate Canadian retailers’ initiative. I noticed here that there were a lot of online Black Friday sales, and I assume American online retailers do the same — so maybe it’s a similar response — though shipping costs are never “on sale”. My son said the shop he works in did really well on Black Friday — mainly in online sales.

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  3. Hi Mick, good to see you hear and see your gorgeous photos. Must admit blogging gets hard when real life is so busy but it’s such a great community it’s hard to let go. Hope you have a great Christmas. Cheers 🙂

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