The Changing Seasons – April 2021

I haven’t contributed to Su’s Changing Seasons in while. Neither have I added anything to my blog. I know that it is always there to fall back on.
Every year we are drawn to the Mornington Peninsula, South of Melbourne, to enjoy the calm beachside. Every year there are more photographs to admire. Then they just disappear. I miss the days when photographs meant more. But to most, it’s today here, tomorrow gone. I hoping a little return to this blog will help me diarise my observations of where I visit, like it used to. By the way, I don’t really visit that many places. For the most part, I’m fairly happy with where I live. It’s can be beautiful, and other times quite droll. But it still surprises me.
Attached are some photos from the edge of Port Phillip Bay in April this year.
I have added some homecoming autumnal photographs to finish the month.

These photographs were taken in Greens Bush in the centre of the Mornington Peninsula

The following photographs are an assortment typical April in Port Phillip Bay

Plus some Autumn leaves

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